Hannah Redlich’s Going to Mars – Are You?

August 27, 2017 Joey

We are so excited that friend of the Charlotte Geeks, Hannah Redlich, has eliminated another video!  We love the scientific themes and amazing foot work. Make sure to follow Hannah at all the places.  She’s chock full of talent!  (shut up while I fan girl – I love people bringing […]


New Video from Hannah Redlich!

May 9, 2017 Joey

Hannah Redlich, whom we interviewed recently, has released another amazing video – this time on location at beautiful Triple Falls, NC. In her own words: “River”, a song with Nigerian influence created by French-Cuban artists “Ibeyi”, is not something you’d typically Irish dance to. However, I couldn’t help but feel […]


Rocking Irish Dancing with The Redlich Sisters

April 18, 2017 Joey

Hannah and Olivia Redlich, aka The Redlich Sisters, are a local favorite of the Carolina Rennaisance Festival with their incredible Irish dancing.  They are also popular with many other festivals and performances in the area.  But they don’t just dance – they sing, they play musical instruments, and they even […]