Our spotlight today is on a new Geekery Market artisian, Ferret Flush Card Game! Ferret Flush was created by Olympian Brittany Viola & Pastor Anthony Gonzalez, a joyful married couple who like to laugh. Going a step deeper, each has committed to deal with the roots of their mental and emotional triggers. Using keys from their own healing journeys, they created Ferret Flush as an easy game that anyone can play to grow in their emotional well-being.

Preorder Info:

Pre-order your Ferret Flush card games at http://www.ferretflush.com and save 10% using discount code "FFGEEK" and "FREESHIPFF" to pick up your order at the Geekery Market!

Spotlight on: Ferret Flush Card Game

Spotlight on: Ferret Flush Card Game


What Else You Should Know About Them:

What kind of geeky goodness will you be bringing with you to the next Geekery Market?

We have an easy-to-play, laugh-a-lot card game and tool for your emotional well-being, made for creatures who like to dig a little deeper.

What's an item you are bringing that you are really excited about?

This Fall 2024, we release the Ferret Flush Couples Pack. Dating? newly married? Been married longer than you can remember? Not sure if you’ll ever get married? Love all things relationship? This card game is for you!

What was the first item you ever made? How did you learn to make it?

The first item we made was the Ferret Flush Original Pack. In October of 2020, I got woken up in the middle of the night to create a card game. The next few months, I wrote on paper, index cards, blank playing cards, and actual playing cards to pilot the game in community. A close friend thought up Ferret and built out the Ferret Flush brand resulting in our first print!

What else would you like everyone to know about your wares?

Our card games are printed in the United States, even though it would be half the price to print internationally! We want to see jobs in available in the United States to continue and thrive. Additionally, to create a quality product that lasts, our cards are printed on quality casino card stock with a beautiful linen finish.

If you could travel anywhere in space or time, real or imagined, where would you want to go?

The first Olympic Games in Greece! I'm one quarter Greek and I had the honor of competing in the Olympics as a 10-Meter platform diver.