Welcome to our upgraded Artisan Market!

We are excited to announce our new name, new location, and next exciting event – just in time for all your geeky holiday shopping needs!

Why did we change the name?

When we first started back in 2016, the name Muggles Market had instant, positive name recognition for our core audience. Over time, it became apparent that this beloved event needed a more inclusive name that better demonstrated our commitment to welcome all fans and fandoms. Whoever you are, whatever your geekdom: you are welcome and included and part of the Geekery.

What is the Geekery Market?

The Geekery Market is a festival of geeky artisans of ALL fandoms. It’s a place where you can buy handmade items that you might not find anywhere else – certainly not at those big box-type stores. Come check out over 80 unique artisans selling their sci fi, fantasy and nerdy wares!

Is it just shopping?

No! We’ll have fun activities and exhibits for you to enjoy! Here’s some of the things we have scheduled!

Special Thanks To Our Event Sponsors!