Inspired by Video Games: Dolorosa Lachrymosa

April 6, 2018 Joey

Sarah Black of Valentine Wolfe has been hard at work creating music inspired by video game soundtracks (specifically, the gothic horror game Bloodborne). The result is Dolorosa Lachyrmosa, 48 minutes of dark neo-classical vocal ambient music. Currently, it’s only available in digital format – listen below or click here to […]


Music Video & Contest: “The Opposite of Cool” by Mikey Mason

April 4, 2018 Joey

Mikey Mason, Geek Gala performer extraordinaire and honorary Charlotte Geek, has released his latest music video, “The Opposite of Cool.” “The Opposite of Cool” is the 7th track on his latest album, Driven, which was released April 1st.¬† ¬†Mikey has called this his “theme song” and when creating this video […]