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Sneak Preview: Mikey Mason’s New Album!

June 17, 2012 Joey

  On June 10th, Mikey Mason launched the kickstarter for his second studio album, Barbarian Jetpack. As a returning musical guest for our annual Geek Gala, I invited Mikey to share with us a bit about what songs were definitely on the album, what songs might be on the album, […]


Ami Whoa/Mad Tea

November 21, 2011 cltgeeks

I first saw these guys at Fanaticon. Great show!   How hard was it to find a rock-a-billy guitar player that was in to sci-fi esoterica? How did you guys meet? Krekel was surprisingly easy to find – we met via a mutual artist friend in an attic apartment in […]

Geek Gala News

Hay, Listen! (Geek Gala special #1)

October 24, 2011 cltgeeks

Q&A with Hellblinki, whose CDs will be included in the Audio Ecstasy basket this year!     Q: Hellblinki seems pretty good at genre dodging. Do you have to make a conscious effort to avoid “radio sound”? A: Not at all, it’s rare for me to create a song with […]


Hay, listen! Mikey Mason

September 18, 2011 cltgeeks

Mikey Mason is 100% white trash…which is odd since he’s also 100% RPGing, Firefly watching, XBOX playing, Muppet Babies theme show singing – geek.     Bonus video for those of you who missed him at Can’t Stop the Serenity.


Hay, Listen! Genghis Barbie

April 26, 2011 cltgeeks

Genghis Barbie: The leading post post-feminist feminist all-female horn experience, covering Sisqo’s Thong Song.

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Hay Listen

April 20, 2011 cltgeeks

  Hiromi Uehara is among the best piano players currently alive… also she comes directly from an anime magazine.  

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Hay Lookit

April 18, 2011 cltgeeks

A wise man once said “talking about music is like singing about architecture” I agree with this – so – new blog format: Intro sentence, a video, and plenty of space to think about what you’ve seen…   Like so:   Lucky 5 is a Charlotte band full of very […]

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Man alive!

March 29, 2011 cltgeeks

There aren’t many artists in my itunes library that defy genres quite like Everything Everything. The best I’ve been able to come up with so far is “falsetto-centric experimental hip hop“. I’ll take a moment here for a quick technical aside: Falsetto is a method that male vocalists can use […]

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