Put a little ENGLISH on your Playlist

April 26, 2017 Joey

Boo English and I first introduced ourselves to each other through an online discussion of local music.  I listened to some of  his band ENGLISH’s online tracks and was just blown away by the amazingly polished and meshed sound – both from a technical and a lyrical standpoint.   Comprised of […]


Rocking Irish Dancing with The Redlich Sisters

April 18, 2017 Joey

Hannah and Olivia Redlich, aka The Redlich Sisters, are a local favorite of the Carolina Rennaisance Festival with their incredible Irish dancing.  They are also popular with many other festivals and performances in the area.  But they don’t just dance – they sing, they play musical instruments, and they even […]


Something Clever is Something Awesome!

April 11, 2017 Joey

I first met the Something Clever Band back in the summer of 2015 when they were planning their first ever CleverCon at Tremont Music Hall.  Since then, they have continued to gain much respect and traction in the Charlotte and regional music scene (because they are awesome).  I recently had a chance […]


Valentine Wolfe to Start on New Album

March 30, 2017 Joey

Valentine Wolfe announced today that they have started work on their next album! The tentative title for their latest work is Death and the Maiden. Here’s a little bit more about their new project straight from them: We’ll be exploring themes of death and dying and how we process that […]


In Case You Missed It! New Valentine Wolfe Video

March 14, 2017 Joey

For Valentine’s Day, Victorian Chamber Metal Duo Valentine Wolfe (and longtime friends of the Geeks) released their “Valentine for Frankenstein” video. Appropriately, exactly one month later than I intended, here it is for your viewing pleasure! Make sure to follow them on Facebook by clicking here.


Let Valentine Wolfe Perform at DragonCon!

July 31, 2016 Joey

Our mission is clear – make sure that Valentine Wolfe gets to perform at DragonCon!  This longtime friend of The Charlotte Geeks and last year’s musical guest at the Geek Gala recently sent us the following request: So the BIG announcement: We’re (sort of) performing at DragonCon 2016. Why sort […]


Mikey Mason Tentacow, Geeky Bliss

July 31, 2016 Matt Starnes

Tentacow, much more than surf and turf Yes, I said it. Tentacow is more than the promise of surf and turf. Mikey Mason delivers laughs, geek laughs, guilty laughs, music styling laughs and of course, more laughs (plus a little pee laugh). The album works as a whole, which is […]


5 Questions with DJ Spider

July 8, 2013 cltgeeks

 DJ Spider is a local DJ in Charlotte with an eclectic style.  She spends her time spinning at clubs and also at sci-fi conventions.  She has been voted “Best Party DJ” for the last six years by the readers of Creative Loafing. 1.  How did you first get into DJing? […]


5 Questions With: Jonah Knight

May 20, 2013 Joey

  Jonah Knight performs songs about ghosts, monsters, super heroes and steampunk with a roots folk style. In the past few years he has found a niche at SciFi conventions throughout the mid-Atlantic region due to his five supernatural and science fiction leaning albums, his unique finger-picking style, and his live […]

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