Today's spotlight is with returning artist, Laura Stinson of FairyNerdy! Laura says "Here at FairyNerdy, we fly with fairies, swim with mermaids, and run with unicorns." She makes cute stickers, gifts for kids, adults, and adults who wish they were still kids. Her motto on her logo really describes her best: Nerdy, Feminist, Sarcastic Artist. In addition to being a fantastic artist, she is an advocate for persons with disabilities.

Preorder Info:

I'm offering pre-orders for my reusable sticker book. Sticker books can be viewed in my online shop. To place a pre-order contact me via email ([email protected]). Be sure to mention that this is a pre-order for the Geekery Market and include how many sticker books you would like to order, and your first and last name (for pickup purposes). You will be invoiced via PayPal, which must be paid before the Market to guarantee your order.

Spotlight on: FairyNerdy

Spotlight on: FairyNerdy


What Else You Should Know About Them:

What kind of geeky goodness will you be bringing with you to the next Geekery Market?

I am primarily a maker of vinyl stickers across all themes of geek-dom: Fandom geeks? Check! Book geeks? Check! Art geeks? Check! Stickers are such a fun way to share my artwork in a small and usable way and are great for collecting a lot of artwork without breaking the bank. I'll also have my enamel pins and pinback buttons available! Pinback buttons are another great way to collect lots of cool designs without spending all your money. (Unless you want to, of course. *wink*)

What's an item you are bringing that you are really excited about?

My sticker book! This year, I invested in producing a reusable sticker book to sell alongside my stickers. A reusable sticker book is AMAZING because, if you're like me, you love collecting stickers, but often don't have a place to put them all, or you're nervous about regretting wherever you DO stick them. These sticker books allow you to collect stickers and remove them without damaging the sticker or its adhesive. Save them in the book forever, or save them until you're ready to move them to a permanent location.

What was the first item you ever made? How did you learn to make it?

Like, ever EVER? No idea! But, of what I sell now, the first thing I learned to make was stickers. YouTube was my friend in learning and a lot of trial and error. The general sticker community on Facebook has also been incredibly helpful in improving my product, finding new materials and tools, and generally becoming better at what I do.

What else would you like everyone to know about your wares?

When you buy from FairyNerdy, you are supporting a small disabled-woman-owned business.

If you could travel anywhere in space or time, real or imagined, where would you want to go?

Anywhere the Doctor will take me. Especially now that the TARDIS is finally wheelchair-accessible! Allons-y!