Guardians of the Geekery joins Outworld Fleet Radio

Guardians of the Geekery, the official podcast of The Charlotte Geeks, is excited to announce that we have joined the Outworld Fleet Radio family of shows! As of today, Monday, June 3rd 2024, listeners will be able to hear our episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12pm EST, 4pm EST and 8pm EST.

OutWorld Fleet Radio also listeners to join them on an interstellar journey through diverse soundscapes and geek culture. Since their launch on June 1, 2014, they’ve been harmonizing music genres and stellar shows. Their 24/7 transmissions began on January 13, 2019, and they’ve been captivating a global audience ever since.

In addition to our episodes, listeners can also listen to a mixture of music and other geeky shows including Geek Radio Weekly, GRD Cinemistress, and more. For Alexa users, enable Live365 and then say: “Alexa, play OutWorld Fleet Radio.”

We will continue to post our new video episodes every Tuesday and Thursday on our YouTube Channel, but now audio listeners can also catch our show up to 3x a day every Monday and Wednesday through Outworld Fleet Radio, as well as on Spotify, Amazon Prime, and everywhere podcasts can be found.

We are so excited to be part of Outworld Fleet Radio! Thanks for having us!

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Joey moved to Charlotte in 2008 and loves it here! She started the Charlotte Geeks after returning from Dragon*Con and whining "But I don't want to wait 360 days to hang out with my people again!!" Self-dubbed the GiddyGeeker, her geekdoms are Doctor Who, Marvel, Boardgaming, British TV (MisFits, Orphan Black, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, etc) and she is slightly addicted to FUNKO pops. Check here out here or listen to her on the Guardians of the Geekery podcast.