The 8th Annual Geek Short Film Fest (GSFF) will take place November 2, 2019 as part of the Geek Gala’s daytime event, the Muggles Market.

We are honored to again be under the direction of Bill Mulligan.

This event is free to the public, although we do ask attendees to consider making a donation towards our charity, The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

The film festival will be from 10 AM – 4 PM on Saturday.

2019 Film Festival Category Winners

2019 Film Viewing Schedule

2019 Geek Short Film Fest Trailer from Bill Mulligan on Vimeo.

10:00 AM – Block 1          59 minutes

  • Ouroboros written by Nick Early, directed by Emma Keehan (08:01) – BEST FANTASY
  • Detroit: Awakening written and directed by Michelle Iannantuono (16:34)
  • The Rehearsal   written and directed by W. Trent Welstead (06:05)
  • Manny Fantasma written and directed by Michael Carnick (29:19)

11:00 AM – Block 2          59 minutes

  • The Color of Me written by Sreejith Nair, Fahima Mohamood, directed by Sreejith Nair (19:35)
  • The Replica Raid II written and directed by Ted Kendrick (05:28)
  • Ji written and directed by Ben Griffin (15:00) – BEST IN SCI-FI
  • Sami written by Ian Campbell, directed by Eden Bailey (19:38) – BEST IN SHOW

12:00 PM – Block 3           50 minutes

  • The Following written and directed by Kevin Pinckney (28:00)
  • And So He Opens His Eyes written by Sergey Vasiliev, Nikita Vorozhischev, directed by Sergey Vasiliev (12:00)
  • Department 666 written by Dave Harlequin, directed by Adam York (10:00)

1:00 PM – Block 4             59 minutes

  • Gotham Sirens: Girls Night written and directed by Ray Holdridge II (08:57)
  • Bucketheads – A Star Wars Story written and directed by Marco Bossow /Andy Brown (13:35)
  • Zombie Bites Werewolf written by Charlie Anderson, Ryan Conrath, Keith Keal, directed by Charlie Anderson (09:13)
  • Killer Assistant written and directed by C Michael Whaley (12:36)
  • Ens Rationis written and directed by Paul Christian Glenn (14:50)

2:00 PM – Block 5             60 minutes

  • Stenches written and directed by Rob Barriales (18:51)
  • The Devil’s Lettuce 2: Edible Evil written by Dave Harlequin, directed by Adam York (17:00)
  • Two Bottles written by Rob Shaw and Larry O’Neill, directed by Rob Shaw (13:00) – BEST ANIMATION
  • Soul Bones written and directed by Andrew Huggins (11:16)

3:00 PM – Block 6             60 minutes

  • Rebecca Gold written and directed by Ian Diaz (10:00)
  • Temporary Guardian written by Christopher Baker, directed by Andrew May (09:21)
  • The Path of the Greys written by Rick Evenhuis, directed by Joshua van’t Hoff  (13:06)
  • Samhain written by Max Markov, directed by Alexander Chehrazi (15:03) – BEST HORROR
  • Batman: The Scheme Is Sound written and directed by Kevin Croxton (12:45) – BEST FAN FILM