Our Team

Joey aka GiddyGeeker – Founder/Organizer

Joey is eager to point out that she does not claim to be an expert on all geekeries – she’s just happy to help organize it!  Her current geekery includes British Sci Fi, the Whedonverse, Harry Potter, Warehouse 13, Eureka, board games, and is always expanding her circle of fandoms.  She’s mostly prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse, but is always willing to give new technologies a consideration for her war chest.
Although she does not shy away from being queen of the Queen City geeks – she finds it best to hide her identity via an alter ego as a mindless corporate drone.

Contact her by email:  joey@charlottegeeks.com


Micki aka Goddess of Trivia – Assistant Organizer/Book Reviewer

She is a rabid bibliophile who will never have enough books in her life, especially zombie, vampire, graphic, and steampunk novels. Micki loves going to various SciFi/Fantasy/Horror conventions around the southeastern region, but can be seen in between times geeking in and around Charlotte and North Carolina.

Have a book for Micki to review?  Contact her by email:  micki@charlottegeeks.com



Chris aka Emperor Geek – Assistant Organizer

Chris was raised in the Geek Orthodox tradition. At a young age, he was seduced away from his humble origins by a chance encounter with the seedy world of Dungeons & Dragons. After learning of the interesting property of comic books to increase in value, Chris developed a passionate need to acquire as many of them as possible, only later gaining an appreciation of them as an art form. Today, Chris works as a web developer to feed his expensive comics and gaming addictions. When not indulging in geeky pass times, he can often be found serving the whims of his feline overlords, Captain Jack Biteypuss and Oliver Pumpkinhead.

Contact him by email:  chris@charlottegeeks.com


Henry aka Percussive Geek – Music Reviewer

Henry has been actively teaching and performing music for more than a decade. He graduated from the UNC Charlotte school of music and has performed live with such artists as the Boston Brass Quintet, Charlotte Civic Orchestra, Michael Spiro, and the jazz ensemble Sultry. He is an avid listener of any music that is performed well, and ready to explore the space where geek culture and music get their groove on.

Have a band/CD for Henry to review?  Contact him by email:  henry@charlottegeeks.com

Michael aka Projectionist Geek – Movie Reviewer

Michael is….older than some of you and younger than others. He is a film fanatic. He loves almost every kind and genre. He is also a screenwriter and before you ask, No, he hasn’t had a film made yet.
He works full time as a Projectionist at Regal Stonecrest in Charlotte and that gives him a lot of opprotunity to see a lot of different kinds of films. He won’t waste time telling you whose work he loves and why, just assume that he loves the  Greats, the not-so-greats and some people that have been written off. If you have any questions or would like to engage in a spirited debate about the wonderful
art of cinema, drop Michael an email or talk to him at a Geek Meet. He is always ready to talk about film.

Have a movie/DVD for Michael to review?  Contact him by email:  michael@charlottegeeks.com

Tricia aka Writerbug – Geek Reviewer

Tricia is a total time travel geek, anything involving time travel immediately draws her attention, which explains her devotion to Doctor Who, the Back to the Future trilogy, and Being Erica. She also currently nursing a sci-fi Anglophile obsession, which encompasses Torchwood, Life on Mars (UK version), and Ashes to Ashes. When not infatuated with all things British, she lives in the Buffy-verse with Joss Whedon. She is also a big reader and though she is not generally a huge Sci-fi/fantasy reader, she loves everything Harry Potter. Tricia enjoys both board games and trivia (she belonged to a regular trivia team in NYC and will go to trivia nights in Charlotte when she can), so you might find her at both these types of Geek meet-ups.
Tricia is also a freelance writer who recently relocated to Charlotte from New York City. Her work has appeared on Tailslate.net, Spafinder.com, Syfy.com, RewardTV.com, New York magazine’s website, Stagebill, and Prevention magazine.

Have something geeky for Tricia to review? Contact her by email: tricia@charlottegeeks.com


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