Our spotlight today shines on Casey Humphries from The Crafthouse! Casey is a returning artisan who creates unique boxes, ornaments, journals, driftwood art, countdown calendars, original artwork, and pencil wands. She started crafting many years ago after she a took a break from drawing. She attended California state University of Sacramento in 1989-1990, and received a degree in fine arts.

Spotlight on: The Crafthouse

Spotlight on: The Crafthouse


What Else You Should Know About Them:

What kind of geeky goodness will you be bringing with you to the next Geekery Market?

Just like the past shows I'll have some things that were popular like ornaments, gnomes, all the Harry Potter boxes, Nightmare Before Christmas, Supernatural, Wednesday, Grinch, Friends, and so much more. I have made handmade art journals with deckle edged aged papers. The covers are beautiful and eye catching. I'm also in the process of making memory folios and memory books! There will be many new, fun, and colorful things for everyone.

What's an item you are bringing that you are really excited about?

I have two items I'm super excited about : the art journals and the memory folios. There is so much that can be done with them by the consumer that it adds that bit of excitement and wonder.

What was the first item you ever made? How did you learn to make it?

I've made so many things over the years it's very hard to remember my first thing. Many years ago, I made a candy trunk box, that was Gryffindor themed for a young HP fan turning 11. I filled it will candy placed in medicine viles and jars, but with HP candy labels. He LOVED it and kept it for many, many years. He now has his own kids.

What else would you like everyone to know about your wares?

95% of everything I make is hand made by me alone. A lot of what I make takes hours upon hours to complete. I also never add in my cost of time spent creating because things would become unaffordable. I price my items at what I pay for materials and a bit extra for me. I love creating, so I'm going to create whether I sell something or not. I can't stop. It's who I am at the core.

If you could travel anywhere in space or time, real or imagined, where would you want to go?

I could spend a week at the Wizarding World in Orlando, just to inhale the vibe, the magic, and see the excitement in people's faces seeing it for the first time. Plus, I need time to find all the things you miss, the little details, the secrete doors and paths, and the entire adventure.