Today's spotlight is with returning artist, Liana Stadelmann of Aquabun. All of her life since a very young age, Liana has had a huge love of fantasy - mythical creatures especially - and this is where she draws much of her inspiration. Liana’s style is also very influenced by old, turn of the century children’s book illustrations, and she would describe it as Beatrix Potter with a fantasy twist. Liana’s specialties are her unique hybrid animal watercolor designs but she also loves to experiment with different mediums such as oil, acrylic, gouache, and colored pencils.

Spotlight on: Aquabun

Spotlight on: Aquabun


What Else You Should Know About Them:

What kind of geeky goodness will you be bringing with you to the next Geekery Market?

At my booth you will find the following merchandise of her original designs: original paintings, prints, stickers, pins, magnets, earrings, bookmarks and her self published coloring book! You can also find her handmade dragon/fairy wing and mermaid tail themed jewelry and new for 2024 hand-embroidered cozy, fantasy themed clothing and accessories.

What's an item you are bringing that you are really excited about?

I am especially excited when I can bring my original paintings and hand crafted art. I hope to have some fun, fantasy themed embroidered accessories ready for the event such as hand embroidered berets, hats, pendants, and possibly even shirts and sweaters, along with my handmade fairy and dragon jewelry.

What was the first item you ever made? How did you learn to make it?

I started drawing when I was 3 years old and drew all the time, any chance I got all throughout my childhood. It wasn't until about 6 years ago that I really started getting into various painting mediums, then the jewelry crafting came a couple of years later, and most recently - just since last year - I've been learning and really enjoying hand-embroidery.

What else would you like everyone to know about your wares?

The act of painting is very fulfilling and relaxing to me and allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that has always been difficult for me to put into verbal words. Watercolor is my favorite medium to use, but I am always experimenting with new mediums and tend to use more than one with each artwork. Other mediums I enjoy working with are oil, acrylic, gouache and soft pastels. I have always been drawn to all things fantasy and mythical, as well as colorful, vibrant and fantastical art, ever since I was young and this has continued into my adulthood, as well as influencing my style. My subject matter ranges from fantasy animals to realistic landscapes and nature, but no matter the theme or medium I use I always find myself using a wide variety of vibrant colors and adding whimsical elements to each artwork. My hope is that people feel a moment of joy and magic in what can be a scary and chaotic world when they view my art.

If you could travel anywhere in space or time, real or imagined, where would you want to go?

Japan, Ireland and Scotland are top of my list currently for traveling on this planet. Imaginary I'd have to say either the world of Lord of the Rings or an animated Disney movie!