Cons You Should Know – ConGregate!

ConGregate 9 is happening July 14-16, 2023 at the Downtown Marriott & The Embassy Suites in Winston-Salem, NC. This is a really great, laid back, and friendly con with a wonderful balance of panels, events, gaming, shopping, and music. The con’s focus is science fiction and fantasy. 

ConGregate was founded in 2013 in response to StellarCon needing to go on hiatus. A core group founded ConGregate Productions, Inc., which in turn ran the first ConGregate in 2014, in Winston-Salem, NC. This is a completely volunteer run con. Many staff members have over 20 years of experience in helping run various conventions throughout the southeastern United States. That experience really shows!

This con boasts a fair amount of interactive programming, in addition to traditional programming like panel discussions, gaming, concerts, a costume contest, and charity events. The nature of this convention allows the fans an opportunity to interact directly with the guests and other fans. Many experts in the areas of science fiction and fantasy literature, geek life, the paranormal, science, film, art, costuming, and music all volunteer their time and expertise to offer you an educational and fun filled weekend. 

The hotels which host the con are right in downtown Winston-Salem, and are within easy walking distance of many interesting restaurants, bars, stores, and shops. (Or so I’ve heard. I have so much fun at the con that I have rarely left the hotels!)

Some of their unique and not to be missed 2023 programming includes: 

2023 Guests of Honor John Scalzi and Michael A. Stackpole

Hawaiian Shirt Friday – A memorial to contributors that we have lost from the science fiction and fantasy world. Don’t forget your Hawaiian shirt!

The Roast of Chris Shrewsbury – Come and see some very funny guests,… well, as John Hartness termed it, “set Chris on fire.” And then watch Chris return the favor…

Scribes and Spells – Come watch John “The Almighty” Hartness as he DM’s a group of shenanigan-prone authors trying to survive in a world of magic, monsters, and mayhem. Silliness is bound to prevail. 

There’s so much more – but you should come see for yourself!

You can find all of the details at . We’ll see you there!