Avast, ye scurvy dogs! Misty Massey’s latest novel, Kestrel’s Dance, has come ashore!

Kestrel’s Dance by Misty Massey

Published by LoreSeekers Press

Ahoy, mateys! It’s time to return to the world of Captain Kestrel and the crew of the Thanos! Author Misty Massey has recently published Kestrel’s Dance, the long-awaited sequel to her debut novel Mad Kestrel.

In this new magical adventure, Captain Kestrel, a Royal Privateer who can summon the wind with her whistle, is ordered by her king to capture and deliver a rare creature that the king wishes to add to his Royal Menagerie. As she is about to set out on this royal quest, she is contacted by an old friend who desperately needs her help. Aiding this friend would take her in the opposite direction of her hunt for the king. Of course, before she decides which direction to sail, she should probably deal with the creature that may be haunting her ship. Every decision she makes seems to bring more danger to herself and her crew!

Kestrel’s adventures are a delight, filled with high seas adventure and evil mages. If you enjoyed Massey’s Mad Kestrel, be sure to pick up her latest tale, Kestrel’s Dance! And if you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know Captain Kestrel, what are you waiting for? Get thee to the bookstore!

Misty Massey is a long-time friend of the Charlotte Geeks. In addition to being one of their authors, she is also the acquisitions editor for LoreSeekers Press. When she isn’t writing or editing, you can hear her as Malibu, the cheerful, sun-drenched cleric on the Authors and Dragons sister podcast, Calamity Janes. You can keep up with Misty’s own adventures via her website, www.mistymassey.com.

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