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    Please provide ONE link to the best examples of your work and show set-up. Or, email photos of your display and products to [email protected]

    Description of Items

    Please tell us what you plan to sell. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.

    At least 80% of the items I'm selling are handcrafted by me and/or my group. *

    All applicants are expected to handmake 80% of their items. However, occasionally we will consider third-party resellers if they are supporting small or local businesses.

    If no, please explain. *

    Book Sales

    Will you be selling any books? *

    Have you attended our event before?

    Will you have any new titles or formats to bring since you last vended at our event?

    What kinds of books will you be selling?

    Could any of your books be sold by any other groups at this event? (anthologies, etc.)

    Will you be selling any non-book items? (crafts, jewelry, food, etc.)

    Please tell us what you plan to sell. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.

    Jewelry Sales

    Will you be selling any jewelry? *

    What is the primary material your jewelry is made of? (resin, clay, metal, leather, etc.) *

    Please describe the style and types (earrings, bracelets, necklaces) of jewelry you plan to sell. *

    3D Printing Sales

    Will you be selling any 3D printing? *

    Are you able to provide proof of merchants rights for your files? *

    Food/Drink Sales

    Will you be selling any food or drink? *

    Please be aware that the venue does place some restrictions on the types of food sold if it overlaps with food they sell.

    Will your food be pre-packaged or made on site?

    For "Made on site", what accommodations and equipment will you be using?

    Table Sharing

    Will you be sharing your table with another author/artist/artisan? *

    Any additional authors/artisans/artists sharing or using your space must be submitted in writing and approved by management prior to the event date. All financial and legal obligations for shared spaces are the responsibility of the primary applicant, and Geekery Market will not be liable for any interpersonal issues that arise between the sharing parties.

    Please list the name of the author/artist/artisan. *

    Please provide ONE link to the best examples of their work and show set-up*

    Please tell us what they plan to sell. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.*

    Booth Space

    Type of space applying for *

    Secondary type of space choice, if first one is not available *

    Will you be bringing your own table(s)? *

    One 8' table and two chairs are included with a standard space, two 8' tables and chairs are included with an Endcap or Double space. Additional tables can be provided for $25 each. You are responsible for bringing your own tablecloths.

    Additional Comments/Requests

    If you would like to request a particular space, or accommodation, please list it below. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all special requests will be met.


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