2023 Muggles Market Spotlight: BumbleFly~N~ButterBees

We are excited to announce the return of the Muggles Market, just in time for Valentine’s Day! This year’s theme is Muggles Market: Love and Plunder, combining our adoration of pirates and love. As usual, you have a wonderful opportunity to get to know our artists, writers, artisans, and entertainment through our Muggles Market Spotlights.

Sara Dodson of BumbleFly~N~ButterBees is a long time friend and participant in our Muggles Markets. We asked Sara a few questions about their life, work, and what treasures they’ll be bringing to Muggles Market: Love and Plunder. 

Please tell us all about the plunder you’ll be bringing to Muggles Market.

I am going to be bringing tons of ecofriendly items to Muggles Market that add fun to your house as well as actually serving a purpose. All the materials I buy for my sewn items are fun novelty prints. The embroidered kitchen/hand towels I make are definitely not your grandma’s towels…I mean unless she is pretty awesome. Everything I make is made for function first. It doesn’t hurt that it is all super cute as well.

How did you get started making your glorious plunder?

In preschool we had to bring our favorite toy into school for our pictures. I brought my toy sewing machine. When my youngest was the same age I actually found another machine and recreated the picture with her!

Then I taught myself to hand sew at the age of 8. I was sewing clothes directly onto my Barbies. Poor things never had a chance to change their attire. I have kept the love of sewing ever since.

I didn’t really get started on a business level until many years later when I was home with my kids all the time and BORED during naptimes. I needed some kind of creative outlet and a way to still be ME and not just a mom. I started with baby stuff and have transitioned over time to the ecofriendly shop I am today!

What’s an item you are bringing that you are really excited about?

I am excited to bring my microwave bowl cozies. They sound lame, but you never knew you needed one until you get one…and really you need to start with two. One is never enough.

I just love the look of amazement when people discover what they are, as well as the people who know what are they being excited to get more!

What else would you like everyone to know about your wares?

I get bored of making the same items over and over. Because of that I always buy material in limited quantities. If you see something you like that is a sewn item, I always recommend grabbing it when you can. Embroidering duplicate items is easy. Trying to find the same material again, not so much.

All my items are handmade by me. I do have a pet loving home, but they stay out of my sewing area. All my items are prewashed with an unscented detergent.

What’s your favorite love or pirate story and why? 

My favorite couple is always going to be Frankenstein and the Bride of Frank. When my husband and I got married, that was actually our grooms cake. They will always have a place in my heart. Plus, have you SEEN her hair? Total goals.

You can find BumbleFly~N~ButterBees on the interwebs!

Their website: https://bumbleflynbutterbees.etsy.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Bumbleflynbutterbees

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/BumbleflynbutterBees

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bumbleflies (FYI, my tiktok is basically just my dog. She is the cutest floofy girl, Beatrice)

And, of course, you will meet them in person at Muggles Market: Love and Plunder on Sunday February 5, 2023 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM at Queen’s Sports Complex, 2229 Tyvola Rd. Charlotte, NC 28210! It’s always a good time for pirates! So dress in your finest, sea-worthy garb, and come check out these awesome treasures!