Writers Wednesday Spotlight: Tally Johnson

Welcome to our Writers Wednesday Spotlight! Each week we will be highlighting a different geeky writer we think you might like to check out.  For this week’s spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Tally Johnson! 

His most recent book “Creek Walking” was released March 31, 2017!

You can purchase it here: Creek Walking.

About Tally Johnson

(in his own words) 

“I am an author and storyteller focusing on the rich ghost lore of my home and native state, South Carolina. I am also the lead researcher for State Paranormal out of Gastonia NC. I have and can do ghost stories from all over the US. I’m working on several projects at the moment, both fiction and non-fiction. ”

5 Questions with . . . Tally

  • When did you first realize you were interested in becoming an author? What drives you to write?
    I have written since high school. After doing several storytelling gigs, my wife, Alexandra Christian, pushed me to write all the ghost stories I knew in my own voice and from my own perspective. The fact that I kept griping about how all the local ghost story books I bought only covered the same handful for stories I’m sure helped her push me into it. I write ghost stories to keep the local legends and lore alive. Since so few of us stay in one place for long periods of time like our grandparents did, these stories are in danger of being forgotten. I just try to keep them around for those who will come after. For short stories, I just need to get the idea down on paper before I forget it.
  • How would you describe your style or genre of writing to a potential fan?
    For non-fiction, I write true ghost stories from somewhere I’ve either been to or through and what happened when I went, for good or ill. For short stories, I write Southern gothic ghost stories that are half Foxworthy and half Faulkner.
  • What are you currently working on? What are you working on next?
    At present, I’m working on a re-release of Civil War Ghosts of South Carolina with some new material. I’m also at work on hopefully an anthology of flash fiction, but it all depends on what idea sticks next.
  • What existing book do you wish you had written and why?
    “Lovecraft Country” by Matt Ruff. It is true to the Mythos, true to the racial history of the period, and astoundingly well-written. As far as a classic, “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau.
  • What is one piece of advice you would give to a budding writer?
    Just write what you like and the market be damned. Write for you, but write regardless.

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