Writers Wednesday Spotlight: J. Matthew Saunders

Welcome to our Writers Wednesday Spotlight! Each week we will be highlighting a different geeky writer we think you might like to check out.  For this week’s spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to J. Matthew Saunders! 

His book “Unsettled Spirits: A Dreadful Penny Novella” was just released on June 11, 2018!

You can purchase “Unsettled Spirits: A Dreadful Penny Novella” here.

About J. Matthew Saunders

(in his own words) 

J. Matthew Saunders, a native of Greenville, South Carolina, is the author of the Daughters of Shadow and Blood trilogy based on the Brides of Dracula as well as numerous published fantasy and horror short stories. He received a B.A. in history from Vanderbilt University and a master’s degree from the School of Journalism at the University of South Carolina. He received his law degree in California and practiced there as an attorney for several years.

He is an unapologetic European history geek, enjoys the Celtic fiddle, and makes a mean sun-dried tomato-basil pesto. He currently lives near Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two children.

About “Unsettled Spirits: A Dreadful Penny Novella”…

It’s summertime in the South, but the temperature isn’t all that’s rising.

Greenville, South Carolina, 1972

Demons and ghosts are prowling the sultry days and nights, searching for unsuspecting souls to ensnare. When a strange accident puts an employee of the Brown Tractor & Farm Supply Co. in the hospital, Bertram Brown calls on the private detective services of Penelope Drake, who finds herself drawn into the Brown family’s intrigues once again.

At her side as always are her friends Zed and Charles, but they each have their own monsters to slay, some figurative, others quite real.

This time, though, Penelope is determined to find out who is targeting the Brown family, because the answer to that question could shed light on secrets her own father has kept from her. To uncover the truth, she’ll have to go up against not only sinister supernatural forces, but also overeager ghost hunters, a crusading preacher, and even her father’s ghost.

5 Questions with . . . J. Matthew Saunders

  • When did you first realize you were interested in becoming an author? What drives you to write?
    I have always made up stories. Before I could read or write, I made “books” by drawing pictures on white paper, taping them together, and then dictating the story that went with the picture to one of my parents. Storytelling is just something I’ve always felt compelled to do in one form or another.

  • How would you describe your style or genre of writing to a potential fan?
    I write historical and urban fantasy, usually on the darker side, with some elements of horror. I like to take real folklore and real history and blend it into my fiction.

  • What are you currently working on? What are you working on next?
    My current project is a series of novellas I’m calling Dreadful Penny. They’re set in the seventies in my hometown of Greenville, SC. Think Supernatural meets The Mod Squad. The main character is a woman who inherits a private detective agency from her father, whose ghost haunts her office.

  • What existing book do you wish you had written and why?
    American Gods by Neil Gaiman, because wow.

  • What is one piece of advice you would give to a budding writer?
    If someone ever tells you there is only one way to be a writer, turn the other way and run. The only thing that matters is what works for you. If that means meticulous outlines and color-coded note cards, great. If that means writing by the seat of your pants, great, too. Wake up early and write in the morning. Stay up late and write before bed. Write longhand. Compose on the computer. Experiment and figure out the best way for you to write.

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