Volunteering For The Geeks at ConCarolinas and Future Opportunities For Geek Gala Tickets

ConCarolinas is a week away and we NEED volunteers to help at The Charlotte Geeks/Geek Gala table. It isn’t rocket science, but you must be able to TALK to people. There are a few more things that will be expected of you:

  1. Volunteer 1You have already purchased your ticket to ConCarolinas. Volunteering to man the table, or help at Traffic Light Board Gaming DOES NOT get you into the con for free.
  2. If you sign up for a time make sure that you can be there the full two hours.
  3. Be at least 15 minutes early to your shift. There may be information that needs to be passed on. The person you are relieving wants to enjoy the con as well. Some of them are also on panels and need to be at those on time.
  4. While talking up the Geeks and the Geek Gala, there is no talking down about other groups, performers, or fandoms.  We accept all geekdoms.
  5. Don’t be The Creeper. What or who is a Creeper you may wonder. The Creeper is a person who leers, exclusively chats up, or makes inappropriate comments in order to impress. Just relax and be yourself.

Now that we have that out of the way. WE DO WANT YOU TO HAVE FUN!

Still interested? We really hope so, because without your help, we would be sad geeks. Now here is how volunteering is going to work:

This year a 2 hour block = $7 towards a door ticket ($35). So, 10 hours of volunteer time = a free ticket. This does not include a free t-shirt. All volunteers have the opportunity to purchase a shirt for $10. If anyone has any questions, please email Joey at [email protected] .

Now click on VOLUNTEER HERE  and follow the directions. We love you. We need you. And without you, this group would not be what it has become.

Not going to be able to make it to the ConCarolinas to volunteer? Don’t worry. We are going to have Geek Gala Workdays and a few other opportunities to earn Gala Bucks. Keep an eye out on the meetup.com website, and The Charlotte Geeks home website for future dates.