Volunteering at ConCarolinas

ConCarolinas2013.Sample-200x300ConCarolionas is just a few weeks away, and this is going to be the biggest year yet. Why?

George R.R. Martin

That means every Game of Thrones geek within 500 miles will want to be there if they can. Which also means that they will need as many volunteers are they can get. Think Daenerys Targaryen trying to gather forces for her new army to take back her throne. Don’t understand the reference? That’s okay. There is a whole heck of a lot more going on, and that is why there is a great need for volunteers.

Here are the top 5 reasons to volunteer:

  1. You get to attend for free.
  2. There is a really good chance you could meet some of the guests. (Just play it cool though)
  3. If you are single there is a really good chance you could meet the geek guy/girl of your dreams. (Once again, just play it cool)
  4. There is a really awesome volunteer raffle after the con that you are a part of for some awesome stuff.
  5. Possibly know before the general crowd what super secret stuff might be happen. This is not a promise, but a maybe.

Don’t whine that you don’t have the money to go. Just submit the form to be a part of the volunteer group.

You have until May 15th to submit your form for consideration, so click on the link now and fill out that form.

ConCarolinas is a proud sponsor and supporter of The Charlotte Geeks. We hope you can return the love with us. The Charlotte Geeks will also need volunteers for the Con. Be on the lookout for sign-up information from us.’

Don’t forget to share this with anyone you know that might be interested. Spread the Geekiness.