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May 17th, 2013 – Coming this weekend.

May 16, 2013 cltgeeks

Hello again, my geeky friends. Here is a snapshot of what is coming this weekend to a theater in the greater Charlotte area.   STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS      (PG-13  130 minutes) There is really no way around it, this is the biggest release this weekend. In fact, this is so […]

General Geekery

Movie Review: IRON MAN 3

May 9, 2013 cltgeeks

  It looks like the third time is a charm for the big screen adventures of Tony Stark. After a less than stellar second film, Iron Man returns to form in the first blockbuster of the Summer. Under the direction of Shane Black, Robert Downey Jr. seem fully alive and […]


ProjectionistGeek Proclaims: I’m Back! I’ve Missed You!

May 2, 2013 cltgeeks

This isn’t a review, but it is the announcement of new reviews that are coming. Hello, there, I guess I should reintroduce myself to everyone after a long(ish) absence due to increased levels of work type commitments. My name is Michael and around these parts I’m known as ProjectionistGeek, It’s […]


Coming This Weekend To a Theatre Near You

May 2, 2013 cltgeeks

May 2, 2013 Hello, my geeky friends. This weekend starts the unofficial Summer movie season for the movie studios and by extension, the theatre business as well. Lets run down a few films that will be opening here in the greater Charlotte area, shall we?  IRON MAN 3   (PG-13, 132 […]


Your New Website Update

April 30, 2013 Joey

“We have a website?” you say. Why yes!  Yes we do!  And after several years of working with it off and on, we are happy to announce a new and exciting update:  5-day a week blog posting. That’s right – each day we will be posting new and exciting articles […]

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