#SupportLocal Spotlight: Thirsty Nomad Brewing

Welcome to The Charlotte Geeks first #SupportLocal Spotlight! We are looking forward to introducing you to local businesses and ventures that we feel our geeks would love. Remember, if you don’t support the things you love, they may not be around later! 

For our first Support Local Spotlight, please allow us to introduce Thirsty Nomad Brewing! Not only do they have an amazing business, they have also been a great support of the Geek Gala and our Gala Quest over the past several years.

Brad Ledbetter took a few minutes to answer some questions about his business.

  • Briefly describe what you do/offer though your venture.
    We make good beer in a wide variety of styles – if you like beer, you’ll probably find something to your liking at Thirsty Nomad. We have a very cool, laid back atmosphere in a comfortable taproom stocked with board games, video games, and staff and customers that love all the geeky things. We also have weekly events like geeky trivia, movie trivia, and vinyl record shares along with the occasional big party.
  • What inspired you to start this venture?
    A combination of a love of beer and brewing, winning competitions, compliments from friends and professionals alike, the ability to convince people to give me large amounts of cash, being tired of the corporate world, and a large dose of madness.
  • What is the most interesting thing you have learned through starting your venture?
    Have you never been to Thirsty Nomad’s Geeky Trivia? I learn the most interesting things every week. Every Thursday and Saturday at 7pm, in fact.
  • What is your next big goal for your venture?
    We’re currently seeking out a partner to help us open a new taproom. We’re hoping to take our “geek safe space” concept to a much larger scale and audience – arcade games, private space for parties (mini brew con?), a truly staggering board game library, maybe an airship. Of course, that takes time and a hill made of money.
  • What is the most important single thing you would like to make sure that everyone knows about your venture?
    Our address: 4402 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Charlotte 28217; Google will get you there.
  • If your venture was a superhero, what superpowers would it have?
    Obscurity and boundless optimism.