Return of Tudisco

Come on out for Trivia Night at Fabo located in the Quail Corners Shopping center.
8428 Park Road, Charlotte, NC

Congratulations to Ace and Fabian

For this week’s game (July 7th 2016 after 7:45 PM) these are the categories:

  • Dinosaurs (Not Dion Sores,we don’t want to know where he got those)
  • Fairy Tales
  • Superhero Catchphrases

Part of what makes this such a fun event are the shenanigans of the Trivia Night host Tudisco. He has been away from his hosting duties the past few weeks but he is expected to be there this Thursday July 7th.

Tudisco is as one of the Trivia Night regulars put it “a notorious troll” and if you studied up on Star Wars trivia for last week’s game you were in for a “surprise” since the category ended up being about celebrity feuds.