Queen City Cinephiles’ Favorite for May 2018!

Capping May’s film screening events at three venues around Charlotte, including 13 short films and 30 voters, Queen City Cinephiles is announcing their Cinephile Favorite Award winner!

The May 2018 Cinephile Favorite Award goes to: THE CHOP! The winner truly represents the celebrated theme of Cultural Diversity. It is a comedy short from the UK about a Kosher butcher who loses his job and pretends to be Muslim in order to get employed at a Halal butcher shop. Our audience broke into boisterous laughter as the main character, Yossi, goes over the top in his tries to conceal his faith and keep his new job.

More info about THE CHOP can be found on the director’s website, The Chop.

Join Queen City Cinephiles in June for Short Films with a Twist! Buy your tickets now through EventBrite for June 12 QCC 1st Film Collection: With A Twist and June 19 QCC 2nd Film Collection: With A Twist.

Both shows will be at Thirsty Nomad Brewing Company from 7:00PM to 9:00PM for $5 admission. Concessions are available. Each lineup will show different international shorts with a twist in character or plot.

For film details, please visit Queen City Cinephiles.

Happy Viewing!