Polka Dot Bake Shop – Gala Sponsor Since The Beginning


Polka Dot Bake Shop has been a very important part of the Geek Gala since our first year. Now heading into our seventh year we are happy to announce that they are helping us again with a donation of cupcakes, cookies, and other scrumdiddlyumptious treats.cupcakes

We asked them to take a few minutes out of their day to answer of few questions about what makes them tick:

1. Cupcakes and other baked goods are made fresh everyday. What time do you all start making all the awesomeness you sell, because I am pretty sure that most of us are still asleep?

We start baking at 6 AM daily! It’s not as bad as it could be!

2. Butter, I have been at the store when the butter order is coming in and it was huge. A southern woman’s dream come true of enough butter to spread on every edible surface and include in every single meal ever cooked. How much butter do you all actually go through in a week?

Since we make all of our products with real butter (no shortening!), our butter volume (similar to our sugar, flour, etc) truly depends on the amount of business and events that we have going on. Right now we’re going through a little over 100 pounds of butter per week, but around the holidays it can be almost double that!

3. Polka Dot no longer just sells cupcakes. There are muffins (which personally, are like breakfast cupcakes and awesome), cookies, whoopie pies, and so much more. What is the process like for coming up with new tasty creation, and is there something new we can look forward to on the horizon?buns

We are just a bunch of hungry bakers, honestly. We like to make foods and combine flavors that we enjoy eating ourselves, and that remind us of good memories in our own lives. We also take a lot of inspiration from our customers, who often request different products and flavors. Our newest venture would be our cheesecake bars (flavors will change every week!) and we are working on cold verrines (mousses, puddings, etc), and even bagels! We started selling our cheesecake bars a few weeks ago, and the cold verrines can be expected within the next month or two. We don’t have a timeline for the bagels just yet, but we hope to have them by the summer time if they are up to our standards!

4. What is the craziest cupcake creation event you all have been a part of?

Before my time here at Polka Dot, we participated in an event for Cirque du Soliel. There are some very cool pictures of that event! During my time here, we made over 30 6-inch cakes for the Charlotte Hornets opening night. That was a scary delivery drive!

5. This year’s Geek Gala theme is Monster Mash, which you will be a part of again. What is the most monstrous flavor creation you have come up with and might we expect it again?

This is a hard question! Our key lime pie cupcake is monstrously delicious – does that count?! It will be on our new spring menu starting next week, so it will be here every Friday!

I have to admit the Key Lime Cupcake is my favorite and if you have not had it yourselves, make sure to stop by on Fridays and pick some up. Check out the flavor calendar and and stop by any day though to try all the flavors and treats.

Salted Caramel Cake
Salted Caramel Cake

Please help us thank our long time sponsor Polka Dot Bake Shop by stopping by their store and picking up a delectable nosh, liking them on Facebook, and telling all your friends.