Music Monday: Victorian chamber metal gets medieval with Valentine Wolfe

Valentine_WolfeVictorian Chamber Metal duo VALENTINE WOLFE, supporters of the Geek Gala and special musical guests of ConCarolinas 2014, have released four new Game of Thrones inspired songs.

“Sarah really pushed hard for these songs and Braxton was dragged along kicking and screaming until he wrote some pretty awesome bass lines and realized how cool the songs were. Now he is pretty happy with them!” said the duo in a recent announcement.

If you’re not familiar with the TV show or the books, you can still listen to the music because it stands on its own. Just be sure not to look at the pictures on Youtube because you might see spoilers!

Iron Lances

The Dornishman’s Wife

A Crow’s Words

Rat Cook

The creator of A Song of Ice and Fire epic fantasy series and HBO series, George R. R. Martin, will also be a guest of honor at ConCarolinas in Charlotte from May 30 to June 1.

Valentine Wolfe is an electronic music group that features operatic female vocals, solo double bass, and electronica driven beats with elements of metal, industrial, goth, trip-hop, j-rock, and classical.

Upcoming Valentine Wolfe appearances:

Find out more about Valentine Wolfe on their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel.

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