Muggles Market Spotlight: Sarah’s Character Creations

Welcome to another Muggles Market Spotlight for 2018! Today, we are delighted to announce the return of Sarah’s Character Creations to our third annual Muggles Market at this year’s Geek Gala. Sarah Mohr took a few minutes to answer some questions about her business and general geekery.

  • What items are you bringing to the Muggles Market this year? 
    We are returning with our comic book magnets and coasters, as well as hand painted nerdy chess sets!
  • What was one of your favorite things from the Muggles Market or Geek Gala last year?
    My absolute favorite part from Muggles Market last year was talking to all of the customers (especially the kids) about their favorite comic book characters. You learn so much about a person just by asking about their favorite superhero!
  • What is something on your ‘bucket list’ you would like to do or try?
    A huge bucket list item is to make it to THE Comic-Con! I just want to be there to experience it myself instead of longingly looking at all the pictures and videos.
  • Who is someone that has been inspirational for you or mentored you in your craft?
    My mom has been a big help as far as making things or giving me ideas on new things to make, and my brother is my geek sounding board for which characters I should make magnets or coasters of, or the set ups for the chess sets.
  • So this year’s Geek Gala theme is “Gears and Ghouls”, and focuses on steampunk and day of the dead cosplay. If you could have one body part cybernetically enhanced or replaced, what would you choose, how would you want it changed, and why?
    I would want cybernetically enhanced eyes! As much as I love my glasses, I’d like to ditch them for some cute sunglasses. It would help enhance my viewing experience from my nosebleed seats for Blumenthal’s Broadway series, too!
  • And make plans to come visit them on Saturday, November 3 at this year’s Geek Gala