Muggles Market Spotlight: Sage Greene Art

Welcome to another Muggles Market Spotlight for 2018! Today, we are delighted to announce the return of Sage Greene Art to our third annual Muggles Market at this year’s Geek Gala. Josh Greene and his sister Beth Greene took a few minutes to answer some questions about their business and general geekery.

  • What items are you bringing to the Muggles Market this year? 
    Josh: I will have illustrations, small paintings, and miniature furniture. I’ll also have small dioramas.
    Beth: I’ll be bringing along some yarn silhouettes on canvas.
  • What was one of your favorite things from the Muggles Market or Geek Gala last year?
    Josh: Meeting some really cool people and the tarot readings.
    Beth: My favorite thing was also meeting really cool people as well as seeing all of the wonderful cosplays.
  • What is something on your ‘bucket list’ you would like to do or try?
    Josh: I want to have a piece in a museum one day.
    Beth: I want to go cage diving with Great White Sharks.
  • Who is someone that has been inspirational for you or mentored you in your craft?
    Josh: Jamie Frankie and John Hairston, Jr pushed me to blend my illustration knowledge into my sculptures.
    Beth: My mother is the one who taught me needle/yarn crafts at an early age and she has encouraged me to try new things (and to not give up on my horrible crochet work) ever since.
  • So this year’s Geek Gala theme is “Gears and Ghouls”, and focuses on steampunk and day of the dead cosplay. If you could have one body part cybernetically enhanced or replaced, what would you choose, how would you want it changed, and why?
    Josh: My eyes so that I could have a heads-up display like the androids in Detroit: Become Human. Plus, I wouldn’t have to wear glasses anymore.
    Beth: If I had to choose something, it would be my brain, specifically the memory center. My memory is horrible, so I think it would be cool to have an easily accessible hard drive up there so that I could remember everything, delete what I don’t want to remember or don’t need anymore, and I would always remember where I put my keys.

  • And make plans to come visit them on Saturday, November 3 at this year’s Geek Gala