Muggles Market Spotlight: NiaMassage

Welcome to another Muggles Market Spotlight for 2017! Today, we are delighted to announce the addition of new artisan NiaMassage to our second annual Muggles’ Market at this year’s Geek Gala. Sonia Hazard took a few minutes to answer some questions about her business and general geekery.

  • What kind of items will you be selling at this year’s Muggles Market?
    I will be selling heat pillows with removable cases for sore and tired muscles at the Market.
  • How did you first get started making these things?
    Making pillows is an extra add on for clients to buy after getting a massage session.
  • What has been one of your favorite projects to work on?
    I’m working on making aromatherapy relaxing packages for people to use on Self-Care days, because Self Care is NOT Selfish!
  • What else can you tell us about yourself?
    I have been a Positive Attitude Adjuster for 16 years, and my superpower is Pain Relief!
  • So this year’s Geek Gala pays homage to Godzilla movies – if you were to create a Godzilla movie today – what type of nemesis do you think he should fight against?
    I would create a blustering orange, cotton candy haired Gila Monster that has 4 sets of tiny T-Rex hands and a prehensile tail for grabbing women (he can’t reach them; his hands, so tiny, you know.) His weakness? He thinks he is very tall, but he’s about an inch high.
  • And make plans to come visit them on Saturday, October 21st at this year’s Geek Gala