Muggles Market Spotlight: Modern Goldfish!

Welcome to the Muggles Market Spotlight for 2019! Today, we are delighted to announce the return of artisan Modern Goldfish to our fifth Muggles Market at this year’s Geek Gala! Kenna and Bryan Covington took a few minutes to answer some questions about their business and general geekery. Originally from Charlotte, they just moved back home after living in Raleigh, NC for 20 years.

  • What kinds of items will you be selling at this year’s Muggles Market? We make wizard wands from local and exotic woods and thermoformed plastics. They are all really cool – Kenna’s process is additive and Bryan’s is subtractive. We also make Advanced Potions Decor for all sizes of curiosity cabinets. Our Phoenix Tears are ethically sourced and, while we do sell Floo Powder, you are responsible for connecting with the FlooNetwork on your own. There’s a little bit of everything at our booth to support the Harry Potter Fandom. We’re always making new creations and love sharing them with everyone we meet.
  • Which sci fi universe would you love to visit and why? Kenna: I’d love to visit with the Crakers from the Oryx and Crake universe because they are so gentle and nurturing to each other and everyone they meet. It’s one of my favorite trilogies – and I’m a huge Margaret Atwood fan. I really dig the ecological philosophy that goes into world building.
    Bryan: Star Trek because it’s a utopian – post scarcity economy with super tech. It’s an optimistic future and everywhere else might suck. I guess you could end up in Ferengi space, but even that seems pretty decent.
  • What movie are you looking forward to? We are both looking forward to Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune
  • This year’s Geek Gala theme is Geeky Tiki Slumber Party-o-Rama. With whom would you love to have a slumber party (fictional, real, living or dead)? This is a tough one. Bryan will party with Unity from Rick and Morty and Kenna will bring Helena from Orphan Black.

Check out their website at:  Modern Goldfish

And make plans to come visit them on Saturday, November 2 at this year’s Geek Gala!