Muggles Market Spotlight – Charlotte Dagorhir!

Charlotte Dagorhir will be providing a demonstration of pitched medieval style battle at The 2019 Muggles Market! Randy Aimone took a few minutes to answer some questions about the group. 

  • What is the purpose of the Group? The local chapter of Charlotte Dagorhir re-formed in February 2018. Dagorhir national started in 1977, and the name comes from Lord of the Rings Elvish for “Battle Lords”  The group meets most Wednesdays at 5:00 PM at the Jeff Adams Tennis Center, and noon on Sundays at Nevin Park. We also participate in group battles with neighboring chapters frequently. We get together to have a  pitched medieval style battle with safety padded swords, shields, javelins, spears, bow & arrows, and more.  Most of our games can be compared to paintball with swords. Why do I do it? I needed to get more exercise. If I’m not having fun, I come up with lame excuses not to exercise, which is bad. I always enjoyed sparring in martial arts, and this is a great outlet for that.
  • What types of sword fighting will be demonstrated? We use all manner of ancient to middle-ages (pre-gunpowder) weaponry, with many fighting styles, cultures and equipment types being represented. Historic based Greek Hoplite infantry to fantasy Dragon knights frequent the same field.
  • What do you need to join Charlotte Dagorhir? We typically have loaner gear available for use until you make or purchase your own. We recommend to dress like you would for soccer (or Quidditch, if that’s more your thing) with loose clothing, good shoes with good traction (and maybe ankle support like hiking boots). Bring water if you plan on playing with us most of the day. 
  • What will we see at the Muggles Market demonstrations? We are planning on running a full day practice at the Muggles Market, with people rotating in for games as the day progresses, and a simple ramp-up for training.
  • Is the audience allowed to participate? Encouraged!  It’s fun, however our insurance coverage is such that only 16+ can play in our games.  We often have an activity for youngsters, such as an archery target. 
  • What were some of your favorite parts of past Muggles Market besides your booth? The Nerdy creativity I see, and that I can get about 60% of my holiday shopping done.

You can read more about Charlotte Dagorhir at their website and on their Facebook Page . Additional information can also be found at Dagorhir Battle Games.

And you can see them in person at the 2019 Muggles Market, of course!