Muggles Market Entertainment: Fan Cars and Transports!

We are so excited about the amazing fan cars and transports that will be on display this year at the Muggles Market on November 2, 2019! 

Carolina Tardis

The Carolina TARDIS was built by Chuck Carte and Drew Magee. The TARDIS is available for rental for conventions and charity, business, and personal events, including but not limited to parades, fairs, festivals, grand openings, birthday parties, weddings, and many other events. The TARDIS is based out of the Charlotte, NC, metro area. Pictures outside the TARDIS are free to the general public!

Southern Belle Ghostbusters

The Southern Belle Ghostbusters is a cosplay team recreating the characters and atmosphere of the 3rd Ghostbusters film. An official Ghost Corps franchise, the team participates in community and charity activities such as movie premieres, parades, conventions, and fundraisers, and are the proud owners of the Ecto 0.5 Ectomobile conversion.

The Ecto 0.5 is a Ghostbusters research/reconnaissance vehicle and is among the franchise’s first environmentally friendly investigative equipment. Addressing concerns expressed by Walter Peck of the Environmental Protection Agency towards New York’s first Ghostbusters team in 1984, the 0.5 is designed to reduce any ecological impact associated with certain paranormal activities. Utilizing a 2015 Toyota Prius, the 0.5–in addition to standard ghost hunting equipment–comes outfitted with a weather-monitoring sensor array and its trademark hybrid drive system. At half the size (and half the carbon footprint) of standard Ectomobiles, the Ecto 0.5 serves as eco-friendly backup and support for all your paranormal elimination needs.

Jurassic World Truck

Meet Blue – A Ford F-150, Jurassic World Tribute Build. Inspired by on screen vehicles, Blue is a concept vehicle for the Jurassic World Park Warden. Blue was created in part to show two Junior Wardens that even if you are grown, you should still have fun.

Owner Jessica Cox explains, “We have a lot of fun going around to different areas and showing the truck. It is great to be something at car shows that kids recognize and really enjoy.”

In addition to the truck, they display dinosaur props, hand out coloring sheets, and have a plushy velociraptor (the velociraptor character of Blue from Jurassic World) available for pictures.

Sabs Bumblebee

A 2010 Transformers Special Edition, Chevy Camaro SS show car and Sunday cruiser, inspired by the character Bumblebee. Not a strict replica, but a tribute to Michael Bay’s Transformers Trilogy, with custom airbrushed hood and trunk murals showcasing scenes and characters from the films, and 30 Autobot insignias hidden in plain sight. This car truly is more than meets the eye!

Owner Rick Policastro says “This started as an activity for my son who was 4 at the time. I wanted to teach him about cars. So I got this one because he loved Transformers, and we could do car shows together. Little did I know how much it would catch on with the kids and in turn allow a creative side of me to find expression and in turn help kids through different charities. Each year different ideas have come to me and I add a little here and a little there, trying not to over do it and keep the whole in disguise theme.” 

The Ecto-1

This tribute car belongs to Barrie J. Clark, with over 1,200 hours spent converting the 1974 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse in to the movie classic we know and love from the Ghostbuster franchise. Complete with all and the bells and whistles, it is available for charity events, parades, parties, and children’s hospital visits. Clark is also a member of the Ghostbusters of North Carolina and he and his fellow Ghostbusters can often be found at various events and conventions in the area.

And you can see them all at the Muggles Market on November 2, 2019!