Mikey Mason Tentacow, Geeky Bliss

Tentacow, much more than surf and turf

Yes, I said it. Tentacow is more than the promise of surf and turf. Mikey Mason delivers laughs, geek laughs, guilty laughs, music styling laughs and of course, more laughs (plus a little pee laugh).

The album works as a whole, which is great for an old guy like me who enjoys albums more than a collection of singles.  The If Springsteen Wrote My Life (arts I – VII) songs I can relate to and are the glue of the album. Everything in your life could be a Springsteen song; only he would make the money, not your life.

These are a few of my favorite things

In addition to If Springsteen Wrote My Life, Better than Darth Vader delivers the goods as Mikey weaves an epic tale of why he’s a better father than Darth Vader. I mean, come on, he never cut his son’s hand off…yet. On the flip side, Clean Break is the story about a Mom kicking her son out of a trailer. Ah, white trash familia, you have to love it. My favorite cut is Waiting to Wait in Line (Dragon*Con). “Until a single volunteer with a radio in ear tells us to form a human centipede…”, what’s not to love? I mean, other than going to DragonCon and having to live this song out.

Tentacow finale!

Tentacow Blues (Improvised) delivers on how 10 Cloverfield Lane should have ended. The cow tipping nightmare of the Tentacow! Tentacow is wily, scratchy and hell-fire vengeance released on earth in the form of a blues song. It’s catchy too; I attempted to play along with my harmonica (not one lesson) until my wife ordered me to cease and decease. You’ll have a tough time trying to stop listening to this funny audio storytelling adventure. Do yourself a favor and catch Mikey Mason live. He is a born performer.

Listen To It Now!

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