Matt’s Movie Review of Thor: Ragnorok

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is back again for the third (and best) installment in the franchise. This is also the 17th Marvel Cinematic Universe release (MCU) and the best film to date! Thor finds himself battling Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of Death and being outcast to the dumpster of a planet, Sakaar where he runs into a friend from work, Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo).

The skinny: this is a wonderful comedy. The funniest movie I’ve seen all year. Kudos to writer Eric Pearson for writing the hysterical lines and director Taika Waititi for reportedly getting most of the cast to improvise different takes to deliver the funny. Hemsworth’s roles in Ghostbusters and Vacation helped him hone his comedy chops to perfection. He can be serious, sexy, bold, heroic, and then deliver wonderful one-liners and physical comedy. Don’t worry though Thor still has his abs!

Thor: Ragnarok is the closest we’re probably going to get to the joy of a great comic book come to life on the big screen. Comic book legends Stan Lee, John Buscema, and John Kirby’s fingerprints/influence is all over this movie, and I can’t imagine they would object.

Returning in lesser but nonetheless crucial roles are Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Heimdall (Idris Elba), Odin (a hilarious Anthony Hopkins). You’ll be pleased to note Heimdall has an expanded role this time out. New to the Thor franchise is Grandmaster, (Jeff Goldblum at his Goldblummiest), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson in an authoritative performance), and my favorite supporting character Korg (a scene-stealing Taika Waititi).

Thor is forced to battle Hulk in gladiator-style combat. This is classic comic book action come to life and not to be missed. What’s even better is the “locker room” interactions between Thor, Hulk, and Valkyrie played up for physical comedy and also a Hulk dick joke for good measure. What surprised me is the use of Hulk’s alter ego Banner to help move the plot along. Ruffalo delivers some of the funniest lines in the escape from Sakaar. All of this sets the stage for Thor trying to stop Ragnarok, the Norse version of the apocalypse with this and other members of a ragtag crew. The showdown with Hela is dramatic and action packed but still manages deliver funny lines and scenes.

Recommendation: You must stick around the after credits scenes, as is the case with most Marvel movies, it’s worth it.

Wants: I would love to see Taika Waititi tackle Spider-man next as that’s a natural place for this humor to flourish in the Might Marvel manor!

Don’t take my word for it go see Thor: Ragnarok! Maybe I’ll see you at the movies; I’m on my way to see it again!

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