March 21st, 2014 — An explanation and an Apology.

Theater ThursdaysHello again, my fellow geeks!

Whew! Let me start by saying that I’m very sorry about the lack of a column last week. This year has been a rough one for me in regards to being sick. Earlier this Winter I had a serious Upper respiratory Infection that knocked me on my back for several weeks. I got through that one, but my immune system was still weak and unfortunately I had a relapse last week that knocked me back on my backside.  I foolishly kept trying to work and that just made things worse and…well, it all ended with me being unable to put my thoughts together in a coherent manner and deliver the high quality column that you have come to rely on.

Now! What we missed last week was Jesse…er…I mean Aaron Paul in his leading role debut, Need for Speed  (PG-13 132 Minutes) which looked really good in 3D actually but so far has been a commercial misfire.  This is the second Fast and Furious type film that has failed to find footing with audiences. (The other film, if you’re curious, was 2004’s Torque)

So far, the only Fast and the Furious type of film that people seem to want to see is actually The Fast and the Furious. Which, on a side note, resumed filming on the seventh and probably last installment a couple of weeks ago after the sudden and tragic death of Paul Walker over Thanksgiving weekend last year.

Last week also saw the release of another Tyler Perry film, The Single Mom’s Club (PG-13  111 Minutes) but, let’s be honest, if you’re reading this article on this website, the less said about that film the better, right? So, let’s move right along to this weekend….

This week brings us two major releases that should do good business and satisfy their respected audience quite nicely.

First up is DIVERGENT  (PG-13 140 Minutes) the first film in a proposed trilogy and based on the “World Wide Bestseller” book series. A few weeks ago I made some snarky comments about how every other film that comes out now seems to be based on a ‘World Wide Bestseller’ that no one ever heard of.

I have to admit, I actually have heard of this one. I know several people who have read the books and they tell me that they are pretty good. I have bought the first one and it is sitting on my Kindle, but I haven’t found the where with all to actually start reading it yet.

Based on the advanced sales and the amount of calls we have received at the theater about the film, I have a pretty good idea that the film will do business this weekend. The fact that the studio is releasing the film on the exact same weekend they released the first Hunger Games film sends a pretty clear message that they have high expectations for this one. I’m going on record though, Tris will have to go a long way to beat Katniss Everdeen. Just my opinion.

The other big film this weekend is one close to my heart. My very child like heart. That’s right, ladies and fellas, this week brings us The Muppet’s Most Wanted (PG 112 Minutes) which finds our hero, Kermit being replaced by a notorious villain as leader of the muppet’s and poor Kermit being locked up in a Russian prison under the watchful eyes of…Tina Fey.

I know this is really a kids film and I am an adult with no kids, maybe it’s because I’m really sort of a big kid at heart, but for whatever reasons, this is the film I’m most looking forward to seeing this weekend.

Feel free to read into that whatever you like.

Well, that just about does it for this week, but join me next week when we finally see what a gritty and down to earth Noah looks like in Imax. I am still curious to see how he gets all those animals on to that boat with the added menace of what looks like an army trying to kill him while it’s happening.

If nothing else, it should be interesting. And then, in only two short weeks, Steve Rogers returns to the big-screen as Tom Clancy’s Captain America hits screens across the world and Summer begins!

Until then, Keep the Projector Threaded.