July and August TV Shows To Watch Out For

June is halfway over and that means it is time to start getting our DVR’s and TIVO’s ready for July and August. Here is a quick list of shows that might peak your geeky interests:


ExtantJuly 1: Time Scanners premiers on PBS at 8:00 PM. This is a three part series that takes a new look at the engineering mysteries of the ancient civilizations.

July 6: Vicious makes its American debut on PBS at 10:30PM. The British sitcom stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as two gay men who have been in a love/hate relationship for the past 49 years. Check out the trailer.

July 9: Extant starring Halle Berry will be on CBS at 9:00 PM. This is a new Steven Spielberg sci-fi drama in which Halle’s character returns to earth, after spending a year in space alone, pregnant.

July 11: The Almighty Johnsons debuts on Syfy at Strain10:00 PM. This is a New Zealand import about four brothers who discover that they are Norse Gods.

July 13: The Strain is finally HERE! Guillermo del Toro has adapted the first of his amazing vampire trilogy and FX has snatched it up. It airs at 10:00 PM. Check out the trailers. I really can’t describe my level of excitement for this show.

July 15: Matador starts on what has become one of my favorite new networks El Rey at 9:00 PM. This is not about bullfighting. Think James Bond mashed together with World Cup Soccer.

July 20: The Lottery is set in a dystopian future where the human race is no longer producing children, and Matadorlife in general sucks. Written by one of the  screenwriters of Children of men. This new show is on Lifetime at 10:00 PM.

July 27: Manhattan is an original drama on WGN at 10:00 PM. It is a behind the scenes drama that revolves around The Manhattan Project, and the families that lived there. It has promise and some great talent, but it may become a little soap operaish. I’ll give it a try.

July 30: Sharknado 2: The Second One at 9:00 PM on Syfy. Yep, awesome badness is back and this time they are destroying New York. Please invite me to the viewing party.

July 31: The Quest on ABC at 8:00 PM. Those of you that know me know that I don’t really like competition reality show. This may be the one I watch. Contestants compete in magical mystical setting. Lord of The Rings meet Survivor.


August 7Garfunkel and Oates is a new scripted comedy show featuring the comedic folk duo who brough us the memorable Sex With Ducks, Accidental Slut, and Scary OutlanderF**ked Up Christmas. This will be on IFC at 10:00 PM.

August 9: Outlander will debut on STARZ at 9:00 PM. The popular Diana Gabaldon series is brought to the small screen, and I know that there are readers out their jonesing for it. Someone tell me how it really is.

August 19: Wizard Wars is a new reality competition show on Syfy where novice magicians compete against one another at 10:00PM.

Check back with us for all the new shows coming out in September and October.

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