Invincible Iron Man Vol 2

Issues #1 - 5

Iron Man by Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez

After superior Iron Man I’m glad to be getting another fun Iron Man. Right off the bat Tony stark is hard at work creating the new Iron Man suit that will be the defining suit of this series, and it may be one of the best Iron Man suits yet.

Tony has made his Swiss Army suit. This thing can do anything and change into anything (even samurai armor!). I think seeing all the different things this suit can do is going to be one of the best parts of this new series, but back to the issues at hand.

These 5 issues do a better job setting up the status quo for this new Iron Man, than tell a compelling story. I like the supporting cast they are putting around him; a new read head that is not Pepper Potts, a smart and beautiful love interest that challenges Tony’s intellect, and a new Doom (Who hopefully shows up more in future issues).

Best way I can describe the first 5 issues of this series is “meh.” I by no means hated it, but it just wasn’t a very compelling story. I do have to say the art is amazing though. I really love Marquez’s style and think he did fantastic work on all the action scenes. Back to the story, the villain is an Iron Man mainstay who has come back with some interesting new powers, however they are never used in a satisfying way. There is a lot of humor in the series, so it is a fun read, but you just don’t feel wowed after it.

Bendis does a great job of setting the new Iron Man in this world, hopefully he can take him to some more interesting places in future issues. 7/10