Hay, Listen! (Geek Gala special #1)

Q&A with Hellblinki, whose CDs will be included in the Audio Ecstasy basket this year!



Q: Hellblinki seems pretty good at genre dodging. Do you have to make a conscious effort to avoid “radio sound”?

A: Not at all, it’s rare for me to create a song with any pre-conceived notion of what the finished song will sound like.
Occasionally I’ll create a sing to fill a specific niche in the show or on an album.   We don’t feel that we have to create songs that fit in any particular genre, we can let the songs become whatever they choose.
Q: What sorts of music backgrounds does Hellblinki have? How do you find them impacting the band’s sound?
A: My (Andrew) family listened primarily to opera and folk music when I was growing up, and as a teen in the 80s I found Punk Rock.  Valerie was involved in opera in the Charlotte area when we found her, and JonPaul has a primarily rock and roll background.  He’s played with many bands of many styles.

Q: Finally, What do Hellblinki fans have to look forward to coming out of the band?

A: In the next couple of months we’ll be releasing a collector’s edition colored vinyl 7″ featuring our new songs “All for You” and “I Am”. Our goal is to release five or six 7″s leading up to the next album.  We’ll also be releasing what was to be our second album “False Dichotomy” recorded in 2003 as a digital download, along with a few live recordings, and a new pressing of the X-mas ep.