Feel Good Fridays: Giant Microbes are Gonna Get You!

You’ve seen them at Cons and in the Geeky Goody Baskets – these cute fuzzy stuffed toys named “Cholera” and “Bookworm” and “Botulism.”  GIANTmicrobes® are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes — only a million times actual size! They’re humorous, educational, and fun!  Each of our GIANTmicrobes® comes with an image and information about the real microbe it represents. They make great learning tools, as well as amusing gifts for anyone with a sense of humor.

The Charlotte Geeks are grateful to GIANTmicrobes® for being a Geek Gala sponsor for the past 3 years and look forward to them participating again this year.  We chatted with the staff of GIANTmicrobes® recently and asked them a few questions about their fuzzy but factual toys. 


  1. Why GIANTmicrobes ®?The world was crying out for GIANTmicrobes® — we just answered the call. And, of course, it’s a fun way to learn about a kind of invisible world that really exists, and really causes an enormous degree of impact on our world. We ourselves are each a civilization of microbes after all, so we have a vested interest in finding out what’s going on down there.
  2. What was/were your very first microbes?
    We started GIANTmicrobes®with 4 dolls: Common Cold, Flu, Sore Throat and Stomach Ache.  Every year since, we have been adding microbes, about 12 per year, and other exciting products.  These 4 original dolls are still some of our best sellers.
  3. What new products have you come out with lately?
    We most recently launched a Hand Washing Kit to help kids learn about germs and to promote frequent hand-washing/cleanliness.  Just before that, we released 3 new dolls:  Babesa, Crab Louse and Muscle Cell. 

    If you click on our New Products Page, you can see all of the different products we have released this year .  It is a dynamic and delightful group of products of all sorts!
  4. What microbes didn’t make the final cut?
    We’ve done a few custom microbes for corporate clients that had limited commercial potential. And we often get suggestions from researchers to make relatively obscure microbes. But even though we can’t bring every microbe to market, sometimes thinking about the unusual ones provokes ideas that are used in other designs.
  5. What 5 things would you make sure you had in your zombie survival kit?
    Definitely matches, flashlight, water, telescopic baton, good sneakers, and a gun in a slim backpack!

    And when they start to really attack…..Machete, boomstick, whisky, smokes, grenades, bandana, portable water filter and an mp3 player (because every zombie apocalypse needs a soundtrack).

For more information or to purchase GIANTmicrobes®, please visit their website at www.GIANTmicrobes.com

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