Geeky Music: The Salacious Crumbles!

There are many things that have been stopped by COVID-19, but thankfully geeky creativity is not one of those things! Rising from the internet, please meet a new duo: The Salacious Crumbles! Comprised of Madison Metricula Roberts and Leigh Tyberg, The Salacious Crumbles brings you original and tasty music in their new EP, Carbonite. I asked them to tell us all about themselves and their music. Leigh writes:

Leigh here! I met Madison through my older brother back in the before-times, and she and I became fast friends; chatting online about our days and various nerd things. She would read my writing, and I would jump on to listen to her Twitch streams.  

This past April (what feels like years ago now), I was furloughed from my job due to the pandemic, and stress-writing Star Wars fanfiction like a maniac. One such fanfiction involved writing a lullaby that someone from Tatooine might sing. I thought it was quite good, and Madison had offered previously to help turn any lyrics I wrote into actual songs, so I took it to her for an opinion. 

Leigh (left) and Madison (right)

It turned out she loved them, and with more encouragement, I began to focus my writing time on lyrics. When I’m stressed, I tend to write quite a bit, so there was a point where I was knocking out a song every couple of days, and soon we had lyrics for a mini EP… Then an EP… Then a full album. 

Suddenly, to our surprise, we had formed a band over the internet. 

Our first single was a song called “Ode to the Great Negotiator,” that I knocked out the lyrics and melody for in an afternoon. When we realized that we had a chance to release it on May the 4th, we hunkered down to get it done, and succeeded! From there, we kept going.

We found that working together was a lot of fun, and we shared a lot of the same feelings about music and the process of writing and producing music (If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong. If we’re too precious about our songs we’re not leave room for them to evolve. Plenty of things can be fixed in post, etc). This style of working has produced our first 3-song mini EP: Carbonite, available now on Bandcamp, featuring album cover art by Tajmah, and guest musicians Kitty CEA, Joshua Stigman and David Tyberg.  

Our projects have ballooned into more than our Star Wars songs, (of which there are at least three more to come!), and now we have more projects on deck. Be on the lookout for an album about a worm of vigilante Turdus Migratorius, as well as a covers project we’re lovingly referring to as “Who’s Your Daddy Now”? 

We’ll  both be participating in a Dragon Con at home panel on September 5th at 1 pm about starting a band on the internet.

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