Geeky Music: I’ll give you a nickel to see a “Blind Pig”!

Well, we might not be able to see and hear our favorite musicians at our favorite cons just now, but they haven’t stopped making music for us! Geeky favorites The Blibbering Humdingers just completed a new music video for their song “Blind Pig”!

The Blibbering Humdingers are magical masters of musical hi-jinx and mayhem who will wizard rock the tea towel right off your house elf! Their unique blend of 80s new wave, 50s do-wop, straight up pop rock and old-timey sing-songy comedy will leave you laughing and crying for more. They draw inspiration from the Harry Potter series, Dr Who, the SCA, medieval fantasy, science fiction and all kinds of delightfully, geeky fandomness. 

Scott & Kirsten Vaughan began performing together in 1992 in the SCA, where they are known as Efenwealt Wystle and Maîtresse Aénor d’Anjou. With the release of ‘Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows’ in 2007, and upon encountering bands like Draco & the Malfoys, The Mudbloods, and The Moaning Myrtles they decided to form their own wizard rock act. They live in Cary, NC (under the name Sanderz) with two kids and a cat named Rosemerta. (That’s the cat’s name. It would just be silly to give both kids the same name as the cat!) Those two kids, who are quarantined with their parents (poor lambs!), are also playing at all the shows with them now, with Aiden on drums and Liam on keyboards and other stuff.

They mostly perform at at Harry Potter, Filk, and SciFi/Fantasy conventions along the east coast but also do libraries, bars and private parties. Some of the bigger shows they’ve played include Portus, ConCarolinas, LeakyCon, Infinitus, MarsConOhio Valley Filk FestivalGA-FilkDragon*Con, the Quidditch World Cup, the NYC Wizard Rock Festival, Wrockstock and LeakyCon London in 2013.

When not out conquering the galaxy with her army of robotic wallabies, Kirsten creates steampunk/medieval/fantasy accessories for her online store, In order to protect his secret past as a renegade architect, Scott pretends to manage communications campaigns for clinical research studies at a small advertising/creative services agency. Their pal Chuck Parker, who often plays bass with them, claims to be a mild-mannered government IT contracts coordinator, but we suspect he’s really a super spy. 

As for “Blind Pig”, the song is about the speakeasy in the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them“. It’s on their latest album “Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them“. Kirsten had a lot of fun researching speakeasies and 1920s slang for drink, drink, drunk, booze for this song. During that research, she found out that a “blind pig“ was what they used to call speakeasies in the Muggle 1920s. It was the codeword – “I’ll give you a nickel to see a blind pig -wink wink.” Scott and Kirsten are into ballroom dancing, and wrote some of the songs on that album in different dance styles. This song is in the style of a fox trot. They started filming the video at the beginning of lockdown when no one was out and about, so they did foxtrot dances all over Cary, North Carolina! Scott decided to learn a new piece of software to make this video. It’s more difficult than you think!

Without further ado – and no need for a codeword or even a nickel – here’s their new video, “Blind Pig”!

Fantastic Humdingers and Where to Find Them: