Geek Gala Entertainment Spotlight: Tally Johnson!

Welcome to another Geek Gala Entertainment Spotlight for 2019! Today, we are delighted to introduce you author and storyteller, Tally Johnson, as part of the entertainment at the 2019 Geek Gala! He’ll be bringing us some spooky stories for our Geeky Tiki Slumber Party! After all, what’s a slumber party without ghost stories, right?!

Born and raised in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, Tally Johnson is also a storyteller of ghost tales throughout the Carolinas. He lives in Chester, South Carolina with his wife, Rachel. He is currently working on several projects, both nonfiction and fiction.

On his website, Tally says: ” Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? Ghosts are real and can be found everywhere. I am a storyteller and an author, not a psychic or an exorcist. I work at a library. I’m married; and, yes, I have living friends and family. I have over twenty-five years experience with ghosts, and am widely read in the ghost lore of the Carolinas and the United States as a whole.

I am listed on the OSCAR roster of approved artists with the SC Arts Commission. I have been a contributor to the book Weird Carolinas, as well as having articles on regional ghost lore published in the Yorkville Enquirer and Chester News and Reporter newspapers. I am the author of three books of South Carolina ghost lore, GHOSTS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA UPCOUNTRY, GHOSTS OF THE SOUTH CAROLINA MIDLANDS, and GHOSTS OF THE PEE DEE, all published by the History Press. The books cover every inland South Carolina County and include a brief history of the county as well as the stories. I am also the author of CREEK WALKING, a collection of paranormal short fiction. “

You can find Tally Johnson on:

Facebook: Tally Johnson…Author and Ghost Story Teller
His Website: SC Ghost Lore: Storytelling and Books by Tally Johnson
Amazon: Tally Johnson

And make plans to see and hear him in person on Saturday, November 2 at this year’s Geek Gala!