Fan Vehicles Appearing at the Muggles Market

5 fan vehicles will be on-site throughout the day at the Muggles Market for your viewing pleasure!


About Our Fan Vehicle Guests

Carolina Tardis

The Carolina TARDIS was built by Chuck Carte and Drew Magee. The TARDIS is available for rental for conventions and charity, business, and personal events, including but not limited to parades, fairs, festivals, grand openings, birthday parties, weddings, and many other events. The TARDIS is based out of the Charlotte, NC, metro area.

Pictures outside the TARDIS are free to the general public!


Sabs Bumblebee Car

A 2010 Transformers Special Edition, Chevy Camaro SS show car and Sunday cruiser, inspired by the character Bumblebee. Not a strict replica, but a tribute to Michael Bay’s Transformers Trilogy, with custom airbrushed hood and trunk murals showcasing scenes and characters from the films, and 30 Autobot insignias hidden in plain sight. This car truly is more than meets the eye!


Jurassic Park Jeep


Have you ever seen a real Jurassic Park Jeep replica up close? Learn from Jeep owners and Jurassic Park enthusiasts about their replica and where they got their inspiration.

Scarlet Witch Camaro

Debbie Mckinley’s beautiful Scarlet Witch Camaro is a true delight! Complete with lights and a cool under the hood display, you have to see it for yourself!


Southern Belle Ghostbusters with their Ecto-1

The Southern Belle Ghostbusters are a group of GB fans/cosplayers recreating the characters and atmosphere of the third Ghostbusters film. Originally a “special forces” unit of the South Carolina Ghostbusters (, the team will be showcasing their Ecto-1 a Prius that has been decked out like the classic car.