Five Questions With: The Davenport Sisters

Emmett Davenport of The Clockwork Cabaret


The Davenport sisters host the weekly radio show, “The Clockwork Cabaret” which I often listen to in podcast.  I first met them in person at a steampunk wedding and was delighted to find them as clever in person as they are on the air.   Although sister Klaude has recently left for new opportunities, Emmett found another sister in Mingan and this gem of a show has continued.  We recently emailed back and forth about the Geek Gala (they donated several steamy goodies) and the Sisters graciously agreed to participate in our 5QW series.  

When did you first discover Steampunk? 

Emmett:  About four or five years ago, we started noticing that Steampunk was this amazing cauldron of creativity that was just starting to simmer and Klaude and I knew we wanted to contribute to the art movement somehow. The best way for us to do that was build on our experience as DJs. And, the more we delved into the world of steampunk, the more we realized what it entailed or could entail was many of the things we already liked. 

Who are CLANNG and why do they torment you so? 

CLANNG are a bunch of jerkity jerks who’ve decided to make our lives as frustrating as possible. They chase us around, throwing spanners into the works of everything we do, from destroying our production equipment to kidnapping Emmett to having Klaude committed. Committed! How rude! We have some theories about their origins, and we did recently discover that we were part of one of their diabolical experiments, which has left us with a large number of missing siblings and more questions. We’re honestly not sure who they are or where they come from, though. It’s like having a fist full of tangled ropes, but never being able to fully unravel them. And also those ropes want to kill you. 

What is the Clockwork Ball? 

The Clockwork Ball is our semi-regular “steampunk” dance party, we hold it around the Triangle area at various venues. It’s a chance for folks to break out their finery, chat with other like-minded people and shake their bustles.  

Mingan Davenport of The Clockwork Cabaret


I know you are now the proprietors of Davenport and Winkleperry.  What wares do you carry there? 

We have everything your little steam-powered heart might desire & somethings you didn’t even realize you needed. We have artwork (much of it by local artists), books, stuffed toys, collectible toys (including historical action figures), mustaches on sticks, t-shirts, rayguns, jewelry, and a wonderful in-house seamstress that makes bloomers, vests, walking skirts and does custom work. And, soon we hope to open a cafe & lounge in the back, so people can have an espresso or something stronger and visit with us.  


Finally, if you were suddenly part of the League of Evil – what would your villian names be and what special skills would you have? 

Emmett would be “The Silencer”, able to deaden all sound for three city blocks with one super “Shhhhhhhhh!” 

Mingan would be “Madame Bearclaw”, super strong, smart, fuzzy, controlling animals psychically, traveling with a matched pair of grizzly bear bodyguards. 

Find out more about the Davenport Sisters and Clockwork Cabaret online at @clockwrkcabaret on Twitter

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