ConCarolinas: 5 Things You Need to Know

ConCarolinas is this weekend and it is going to be HUGE. There are going to be tons of things to do, people to see, photographs to take, films to watch, panels to attend, and so much more.

Here are the top five things you need to know if you are attending:

1. Parking – This event is sold out of full weekend passes and Saturday only passes, which means that parking is going to be completely crazy. Follow the directions on the picture, and you shouldn’t have a problem. For those not staying the whole weekend, heading straight for the big parking lot at the shopping complex and walking over will make life easier. Taking a cab or a Lyft might be a good option. Carpool if you can.


2. Getting your badges – If you pre-registered you can pick up your badge starting at noon on Friday. If you plan on paying when you come (Friday and Sunday only), then that starts at 2:00 PM. Badges will be available for pick-up on the Midway. There will be plenty of people to help direct you where to go. Badge lines may get a bit long during peak times so please be patient.

3. The Escalator and Elevators – Thousands of people will be in the hotel this weekend. The elevators may be a bit slower then normal as they are transporting a lot of people, be patient. The escalators will be moving a lot of people as well, be careful of other people and don’t fool around on them. Getting on and off both the elevator and escalator efficiently is a must. DO NOT BLOCK THE ELEVATORS OR ESCALATORS TO TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

4. Taking Photographs – Cosplayers love to have their pictures taken, but they do not appreciate it when you follow them into the bathroom to do it. Be nice, be courteous, and just ask them. If they say, “Not right now,” it is probably because they have a panel they are running to or a potential embarrassing wardrobe malfunction they need to deal with. Be patient. There will be some designated photo areas and I highly encourage you to take pictures there, but the con organizers understand that when certain opportunities arise you got to jump on them. Just make sure that you are not blocking the escalators, elevators, or blocking traffic flow in the smaller spaces. Try to move outside or as far off to the side as possible.

5. Have FUN – You bought these tickets to come to something fun and exciting. If you don’t make every panel you plan on its okay. Find something else to do. Check out the gaming room, or take a break. Taking breaks to people watch is awesome. Lines may be long, so be patient. Talk to you line-mates. You might make a new friend. If someone you don’t know is exhibiting poor behavior don’t let it bring you down. Someone may have just stepped on their already broken toe and made it worse, but you don’t know. If the situation is bad find a con representative who will contact security. Just don’t take the little things that may pop up and be an annoyance personally. Remember, you are there to HAVE FUN.

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