Community Connections: Queen City Comedy Film Festival!

Queen City Comedy Film Festival (QCCFF) is an online event of short comedy films taking place on Saturday 9/12/2020 from 8:15 PM – 9:30 PM.

This is the second year running for the Queen City Comedy Film Festival. Due to the coughing elephant in the room, this will be the one and only event for the 2020 QCCE, and it will be virtual. Buckle up for an online stream of comedy shorts. We will laugh! We hopefully won’t cry! The link will be live for 48 hours, so you can pause at any point during the 19 short films – but don’t pause too long. If you tune in Saturday 9/12/20 at 8:15PM, Kevin Patterson and Mia Davis of Queen City Cinephiles will be chatting with the viewers during the YouTube premiere also.

Queen City Comedy, Queen City Cinephiles, and Stationary Hobo Productions are partnering up to put on the event. The link will be provided closer to the date of the event. However it will play as a YouTube premiere on

The Film Lineup will be:

The Great Escape

Gay Divorce Lawyers

Super Mom

The Drunk (A Guy Walks Into A Bar)

It was 1895 at Biltmore Part 1

Moving Out

The Resurrection of Jimmy Dean

The Marble Table

It was 1895 at Biltmore Part 2


A Turkey is NOT a Rooster

Happy Halloween?

My Weird Addiction

Crazy Kevin’s Used Cars

Technical Difficulties

Sweetest Day

It was 1895 at Biltmore Part 3

Department 666

Turn Down Oranges

This Is What I Look Like Naked

To join the event, please go to Queen City Comedy Film Festival (QCCFF) .