Colossal Surprise!

A Movie Review


This review won’t spoil the twists and turns that make the film fun, darker, and way smarter than the trailer lets on.

The premise of Colossal is Anne Hathaway is a washed-up writer named Gloria, now reduced to drinking her night away and sneaking in at dawn when her boyfriend, Tim goes to work.

Gloria visits her hometown and runs into her childhood friend Oscar, played by Jason Sudeikis. Unfortunately, Oscar owns a bar, so Gloria’s self-destructive behavior runs unchecked. Note, this is Sudeikis’ best dramatic performance to date.

Then the weirdness shown in the trailer kicks in. Somehow Gloria and Oscar are connected to a giant monster and robot that have appeared in Seoul, South Korea causing destruction when they’re not dancing.

After this sweet Godzilla and Shogun Warrior type of scenario is established it veers away from the Pacific Rim direction and gets even weirder, in a surprisingly great way.

What follows is a tour de force of acting from Hathaway and Sudeikis. Nacho Vigalondo tees up his actors with a script and deft direction that breaks defined genre sterotypes.

Catch Colossal if you’re looking for a fresh film.

My Rating

I give Colossal five out of five stars. Go see this film!

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