Cogito ergo Jazz Hands!

The Charlotte Geeks win Fabo’s Trivia night again!
If the thrill of victory felt worse,this would be kind of tiresome. 😉

Congratulations to James and Luke!

These are the categories for Thursday October 6th:

  • Latin Words and Phrases. – Ipse dixit
  • Broadway Musicals.  – media nocte dormiunt felidae
  • Ben & Jerry’s Flavors : Real or Fake.- This could get ugly

Come on out for Trivia Night at Fabo located in Quail Corners Shopping Center.
8428 Park Road, Charlotte, N.C.

As usual; in addition to bragging rights, the prize will be a $20 gift-card usable at Fabo.

If you plan on attending; it helps if you arrive early, as Fabo is not a large place.

Be there or be rectilinear. 😉