Charlotte Harry Potter Alliance Hosts Magical Book Drive

The Queen City Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) participated in their First Annual “Accio Books!” campaign this spring. Accio Books (named after the Harry Potter spell) is an annual worldwide book drive has given over 250,000 books away to communities in need.


This year, we – the Queen City HPA – decided to bring Accio Books to Charlotte! We accepted donations of new and used books throughout April and May. 


Thanks to the help of the Charlotte Geeks and various local business, we raised over 700 books! That was over 15 boxes! 20 books were donated to the global HPA’s campaign to build a library in Masaka, Uganda. The rest went to Promising Pages, a local non-profit whose mission is to level the playing field and offer all kids a fair shot at life by giving them the tools they need to succeed at an early age. 

Charlotte_Harry_Potter_Alliance_Accio_Books_2016 Queen_City_HPA_Accio_Books_2016

About Queen City Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance is a global non-profit that uses the power of stories to fight real world injustice. The Queen City HPA is a local chapter of literature and film fans who want to have a positive impact on the local community and have fun while doing it. Our mission is to encourage local geeks to be creative, inspiring, and well-equipped to tackle real-world issues.

To learn more about the Queen City HPA, stop by our Interest Meeting this Sunday (July 11th) or check out our Facebook page at