John Marshall Davis: Writing is Not a Hobby, It’s a Way of Life

May 1, 2013 cltgeeks

Welcome to Writer Wednesdays!  Each week, geeky writers and authors will be sharing with us about their latest works, a favorite author, a favorite or recent book they’ve read, someone/thing that has inspired them, or the writing/publishing/promoting process that is an author’s life.  Our first guest blogger is John Marshall […]


November Reads

November 3, 2012 cltgeeks

Not sure what to read? Beginning to look for Christmas gifts? Here is a list of the geekiest books coming out this month that you might not know about. The Silvered Novel by Tanya Huff Nov 6, 2012 The Lazarus Machine (Tweed & Nightingale Adventure, book 1) Novel by Paul […]

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The Dark Knight Rises

August 19, 2012 cltgeeks

The Dark Knight Rises Rated: PG-13 (Thematic elements, Violence, Mild sexual content, Brief Language) Running time: 164 minutes Directed by: Christopher Nolan A Warner Bros. Release. Before I start, let me lay all my cards on the table, okay? I have been a fan of Batman since I was a […]

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July 25, 2012 cltgeeks

First off, let me start by saying that I’m sorry that the reviews have been so few and far between. And by few and far between, I’m mis-pronouncing “there hasn’t been any in a long time”. The only thing I can say is that, as a manager at the largest […]

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So Bad It Hurts! Recommendations

June 1, 2012 Joey

This weekend our own Micki Knop will be moderating this panel at ConCarolinas, and asked me to pass along some of her movie and website recommendations: Here is a list of sites that you can view some of the best of the bad movies on. Many can be viewed on […]

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Quoth the Raven: Know the Score

April 30, 2012 Joey

The Raven is a period piece with elements of horror, thriller, romance and comedy all loosely bound together.  It is the creative interpretation on how Poe spent the last week of his life before he was found, half-dead, on a park bench. As enjoyable as it was, the thing that […]

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The Hunger Games, a review

March 27, 2012 cltgeeks

This review contains minor spoilers for plot points within the film. This is a fine action film which I think will leave both those who have read and those who have not read the source material pleased. It’s largely quite faithful to the source in its broad strokes, if slightly […]


Taft 2012 by Jason Heller

February 1, 2012 cltgeeks

I hate reading about politics, but I actually really liked this book. Taft 2012, by Jason Heller, is a novel that begs the reader to question the political motivations of today’s wheelers and dealers, through the imagined actions of President William Howard Taft, who somehow has come back from the […]

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